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The Blog | Life To Be Continued

the blog

Cooper’s Birth Story

I’ve been sitting on this for a few days, debating when to actually sit down and write Cooper’s birth story. I wanted to let the memories settle a little, but ...
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Coming Full Circle

That January day we found out I was pregnant seems like both yesterday and a lifetime ago. Parts of that day and the emotions are so vivid, and others are ...
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Best Laid Plans

So many of the greatest blessings in my life were not part of my grand plan. Yet every time something new comes along, something that was not part of The ...
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Breaking isn’t permanent

This past winter, I wanted out of this life I’ve created. I wanted out of Alexandria, out of my job, out of my house, out of my relationship. I felt ...
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Lessons Learned From My First Granite Games

A nasty ankle sprain, hella rope burn and pee all over the floor. Those items listed may not equate to a happy heart for most people, but for me they ...
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Where We Are

I’ve never understood people who can use their imaginations. Doing so has never come naturally to me, even when I was little. In fact, my mom will sometimes tell me ...
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5 Years Sober: What I Know For Sure

As I wound my car along the familiar route to work this morning, I felt the completely unprovoked tears welling up. I felt them start streaming down my face. I ...
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‘Easy To Get To, Hard To Leave’

Anyone from the Alexandria area will recognize the title of this post because it's the city's tagline. And it's a damn good tagline because it's true.  I was talking to ...
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Discomfort and Intuition

The past few months have been some of the most uncomfortable of my life, with the exception of first getting sober. I’ve felt restless. Uncertain. Frustrated. Guilty. Confused. Sometimes these ...
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