9 Signs You’re Finally In A Mature, Adult Relationship

This was originally published at www.elitedaily.com Media dictates so much in today’s world — including relationships. Whether portraying unrequited love, forbidden love or passionate love, the media’s ideas of love all have something in common: drama. After all, drama drives the media. But, guess what? When you’re in a dramatic relationship, this reality isn’t so appealing. […]

10 Things I Don’t Miss About Drinking

This post was originally published at http://www.thefix.com/content/10-things-i-don%E2%80%99t-miss-about-drinking. When my parents forced me to get sober, I was convinced I would never be happy again. I didn’t think I would ever enjoy weekends at college. I didn’t think I would fit in with my friends anymore. I didn’t think I would be a happy person, period, without […]

“Beth, Alcoholic.” Why I’m Thankful to Be Sober at 21

Originally published at http://affectmagazine.com/2014/11/beth-alcoholic-why-im-thankful-to-be-sober-at-21/ It was 6am on May 7, 2013 when I forced my makeup-crusted eyes open and peered down to realize that I was wearing a faded pastel gown and lying in a hospital bed. As my vision cleared, my gaze fell on my mother in the corner of the small room, arms folded over […]