Why Do Alcoholics Blame Others?

This was originally published at https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/recovery-blog/why-alcoholics-blame-others/.  When it comes to the blame game, alcoholics are professionals. We can blame anyone and anything but ourselves when it comes to the predicaments we find ourselves in and the choices we make. For some reason, it’s easier to manipulate reality and shift blame than it is to own up […]

How I Avoided Relapse In 5 Situations

This post was originally published at https://www.therecoveryvillage.com/recovery-blog/avoid-relapse-five-situations/.  Relapse. For many, it’s part of the long, winding journey to sobriety. In fact, DrugAbuse.gov states that 40 to 60 percent of addicts and alcoholics will relapse after receiving treatment. Some of these people are able to get back on the track to sobriety, while others never do. Then there are […]

GUEST POST: A Concerned Father’s Hope for The Future of Addiction – Thoughts On a Study of Addictions “Brain Disease”

Addiction is everywhere. Some would say such a phrase is being paranoid or overly concerned, but the truth is that addiction is an ever growing problem. We live in a time when the options for pleasure are numerous and easily had. As a man, it’s something I must be aware of myself. I obviously don’t […]

GUEST POST: Does Depression Lead to Alcohol Abuse?

Similar to the “chicken and the egg” question, medical researchers are asking which comes first–alcohol abuse, or depression? Are depressed individuals turning to the bottle for solace, or is depression a side-effect of alcohol abuse? Successful medical treatment strategies pivot on the answer to this question. Co-occurring in statistically shocking frequency, depression and alcohol abuse […]