Defining Moments

Life has defining moments. And sometimes, right in the midst of them, time slows and that thought actually crosses my mind: “This is going to be a defining moment. So pay attention to it.” Brandon and I have been lucky over the course of our relationship. We’ve mostly had good defining moments. The first time

The Skin I’m In

Those of you who follow my writing know that I am a pretty open book. There isn’t much I keep to myself about my struggles with alcoholism, with self-harm, with anxiety, with depression. However, there is one struggle that I don’t often address. But because I’ve been working on getting back to writing for me, as

When love changes

  I’ve been thinking about my relationship lately. About how it’s no longer in the head-over-heels, heart-skip-a-beat phase it once was. About how he and I come home after a long day at work and we both just want to crash. About how we don’t always remember to kiss one another good night. About how

It’s time for some truth-telling re: anxiety, depression and self-image  

  I’ve spent the majority of today feeling like I am crawling out of my own skin. I’ve been restless and bored, unable to concentrate well. I’m unsure why, but in feeling those things I realized something: It’s been awhile since I’ve written what’s on my heart. It seems like so much of the writing

GUEST POST: 5 Reasons Why a Good Support System Helps You Stay Sober by Kevin Brenden

Completing your drug treatment program is a huge milestone that deserves to be celebrated. This big moment also represents another step in your journey that requires strategic planning to ensure that you stay sober. A support system looks different for everyone. While one person may be fine with just a mentor, another person may need

GUEST POST: 10 Ways to Balance Your Social Life While Recovering by Steven Sanders

  Many in recovery wonder about how sobriety will affect their social lives. If drinking was your go-to in social situations, then it is likely you’ll need to do some adjusting when it comes to your social life as a newly sober person. Sober living is one way to ease yourself into socializing. If you